Nearby leisure activities and sites

Moving beyond the Chateaux in Beynac, Castelnaud and Marqueyssac, which are accessible from the campsite on foot, here are some of the sites and activities available within 10 km.

Sarlat is a must-see

Architecture is the watchword, and to appreciate it, just take a stroll along the town’s streets and alleyways. You can either let chance play a part or get a map from the tourist office showing the main sites to see.

A tip: go there as night is falling. The atmosphere is a little more serene, the traditional gas street lighting illuminates the colour of the stone superbly

La Roque-Gageac

4 km from the campsite, the village can be reached on foot along a pathway.
Like Beynac, the village is ranked among the “Most beautiful villages in France”. It has a castle and tropical gardens, where even passion fruit grows!


This is another village “perched” high up. From here, you have a magnificent view of the changing hues of the fields, the river bends of the Dordogne and other Perigord villages. Fine town gates, and another enjoyable walk in prospect.

Chateau des Milandes

You thought you had seen all the chateaux, but no. This one is not feudal, so there are no knights involved. But there are princess – or princesses’ dreams in a world of the imagination. This chateau is closely linked to the fascinating life story of Josephine Baker. Fine bird of prey show.

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Saint-Cyprien est un joli village endormi qui s’anime le dimanche à l’occasion du marché. A notre goût le plus beau du coin.

As well as all these tips, a host of little outings are available, such as to the art galleries in the village of Meyrals, a picnic in Cénac-et-Saint-Julien across from La Roque-Gageac while watching the canoes go by, a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Céou stream in Castelnaud…