The Seasons at Capeyrou

Perigord is beautiful in each season! You might say we are biased, but people who love the region are the best placed to speak about it :)

Spring, for example. Nature comes back to life, the leaves appear and the fields are filled with dandelions. In fact, a whole series of springtime blossoming takes place: cherry trees, acacias, catalpas... lots of wonderful fragrances in store!

In the spring, the light is different. It bursts out, it sometimes even dazzles, making nature’s shades of green look different, like a palette of many colours.

The morning mists shroud sites in mystery. You can feel the sun shining behind them. From your pitch, look up at the Château de Beynac as it removes its cotton coat and puts on its sky blue coat – it’s magical.

Summer is often associated with the pleasures of the water. Canoeing, inflatable mattresses or boats to let yourself be carried along by the current, the cold but crystalline water of the Céou... or just lie down on a blanket and watch the canoes pass by.

Summer brings the heat of evenings that you can spend outside having dinner or chatting. There is heat in the afternoon too, and people have a nap in the shade of a tree...

Summer and spring always bring their supply of fruits, and the south-west is no exception. Strawberries from St Martial 15 km away, asparagus from Vézac 2 km away, and of course, truffles. There are quite a few truffle farms in the area, and some of them are open to visitors.

Autumn sees the undergrowth flower again and bring happiness to some, who pull on their boots and pick up their baskets, and set off for the forests. It’s a time to have a picnic and to rest in a clearing to listen to the birds.

In the autumn the colours change once more and seem to shimmer. To the palette of forest greens are added touches of ochre and yellow here and there. When you go out for a walk in the forests, you feel the fallen leaves crackling beneath your feet.

The fragrance of the earth changes. It is harvest time. You see the tractor blades cutting the tobacco leaves, and soon it will be time to gather the walnuts.

Winter is the time to sleep, for nature, but for us too :) Together we recharge our batteries so that we can welcome a new year once again.